Board of Trustees

Texas CLASS is supervised by a Board of Trustees who are elected by the Participants. The Board of Trustees supervises the Trust and its affairs and acts as the liaison between the Participants, the Custodian and the Program Administrator. The Board administers the affairs of the Trust and enters into contracts and agreements on behalf to the Trust in order to effectuate the terms of the Trust Agreement. It also selects the consultants for Texas CLASS, including the Program Administrator and the Custodian, subject to the terms of the Trust Agreement.

The Board of Trustees is selected at the annual meeting of the Participants. Any representative may be nominated as Trustee. The number of Trustees to be selected shall be determined by the Participants at such meeting and shall be an odd number of three or more. Currently, the Board of Trustees consists of the following members, each serving two-year staggered terms:

Ms. Monika Arris
Director of Budget & Finance
Collin County
Term Expires 2018

Ms. Amy Perez
Investment Manager
Harris County
Term Expires 2019

Mr. Rene Barajas
Asst. Supt. of Business Ops.
Garland ISD
Term Expires 2018

Mr. Roger Roecker
City Manager
City of Friendswood
Term Expires 2019

Ms. Cindy Brown
Denton County
Term Expires 2019

Mr. Steve Williams
Asst. City Administrator/CFO
City of Conroe
Term Expires 2019

Mr. Mike Hagar
School Business Administrator
Alamo Heights ISD
Term Expires 2018