MYACCESS: Intergovernmental Transfers

Texas CLASS Participant-to-participant functionality

Built for Intergovernmental Transfers

Did You Know?

Local governments depend on intergovernmental transfers of revenue. According to The Tax Policy Center’s Briefing Book (2016),* 36 percent of local government general revenue comes in the form of transfers from other levels of government. We built the Texas CLASS MYACCESS Participant-to-Participant Distribution function to meet this need.

How Does it Work?

Texas CLASS MYACCESS offers our Participants the unique ability to transfer money from their Texas CLASS account to any number of the other taxing entities that have a Texas CLASS account through the MYACCESS Participant-to-Participant Distribution functionality. Once setup, the distribution of monies (tax payments, state aid) takes minutes.

Does it Save Time and Money?

Participant-to-participant transfers through Texas CLASS MYACCESS increase efficiency and save money within your office by eliminating the need to move funds via electronic or physical transfers. Any Participant in the state can initiate a transfer to a taxing entity with a Texas CLASS account directly through MYACCESS.

Are Transfers Secure?

With participant-to-participant transfers, the funds never leave Texas CLASS. All participant-to-participant distributions initiated through the Texas CLASS MYACCESS online transaction portal are confirmed to each party; both sides of the transaction will receive confirmations of the date, time, and amount of each transfer initiated, resulting in safer transactions and improved security.

MYACCESS Participant-to-Participant Distribution Functionality Helps You Get:

Reporting: confirmations to all parties
fficiency: minutes to disburse
ecurity: funds never leave Texas CLASS
User-friendliness: one-time set-up
Lower transaction fees
Time savings
Savings: never lose a day of interest


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